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Originally Posted by BrewCrew View Post
Wrong on the one hit could be it for Peyton. Try doing some reading before posting ignorance. A fused neck vertebrae poses no more danger from a hit than one that isn't fused. He has no more risk of being injured by a hit to the spine than Philip Rivers. The only risk at this point is the nerve fully regenerating and him gaining full arm strength. He is already well on his way.
Im no Dr. so how would i know. I was just speculating. Having a fused neck just dont sound like a good thing to me for a NFL QB. You just cant tell me that he will be the same with it regardless if it dont give him anymore risk. I glad it doesnt because as a fan and just being a human being id hate to see something bad happen to him.
You see, im not a hater of all players like many here are and wish injury to another player like ive seen here with Rivers.

The rest of your post is homer ism. Meachem is not a replacement for Jackson. He was a 3/4 receiver in New Orleans and V Jack would easily be a 1/2. Colston and V Jack would be a close comparison.
Well like it or not, he is the replacement. Its either him or Floyd. You can say whatever you want about him because i wont say he is going to be just as good or not but i can tell you one thing, Jackson wont do in Tampa what he did here. He will produce but he wont have his usual 17-18 YPC ave there. Meachem most likely will whether or not who he goes against.

At this point ive never said Meachem will be just as good as Jackson but i think he can be a real good one for us and have the same numbers. No reason to think he cant. He had good numbers for the Saints even being their #3 and outproduced their #2 WR Deverly Henderson. They may have even switched back and forth, im not sure but he outproduced him rather easily.

All i can say is we will see how it goes but why would you disregard what Meachem will do yet pump up Thomas? He hasnt hasnt done anything great yet and hasnt done as well as Meachem has regardless of him being the #3. He filled in when there were injuries and he had just as many TD's in 2009 as Colston. We will just have to see but he has produced.
He will now be lining up against Darrel Revis, Champ, etc. instead of lining up against nickel and dime backs. He's good but V Jack has unique talents and that's why he got twice as much $$. Like I said, the Chargers have filled some holes but I'm not sure they are drastically better.
He hasnt always lined up against nickel backs. All i can say is wait and see. IMO he is a better player right now than Thomas.
And Meachem asside, i absolutely think we got better with the other pickups we got. Gaither is a better LT than McNeill. McNeill is still out there as a FA. Maybe you guys can pick him up and i wouldnt care. He is pretty much done. Has that spinal stenosis and has had neck problems lately.

McClain is a far better FB than Hester is....who is also still out there.

It's all moot. We split last season. The Broncos are going to be a drastically different team next year. Tebow to Manning changes the game. The analysts who don't have a horse in his race are currently favoring the Broncos.
Who cares who they favor? They favored us last year too and everyone is going to favor Manning. Heres a link for you if you want to go that route.

Rivers, not Manning best in AFC West

Tolbert scored 19 TDs the last 2 seasons. Matthews is fragile. I brought it up because he has produced. I suppose next you'll say losing Sproles is no big deal either. Funny how that works. You over value Meachem etc and under value all the players the Chargers have lost. Reality is the Chargers are not the team of 3 years ago.
Refrigerator Perry could score a TD every game if you stick him in there at the GL every week. Does that make him a good RB? Tolbert was OK. Good ST's player and a guy with some decent hands out of the backfield. Thats about it. I was hoping we would get Michael Bush this year but it didnt happen. Its all good, we will find a replacement for Tolbert. Wont be hard.

Im not worried about Mathews. He was much better last season and played thru injuries and did miss two games. But, He had a 4.9 YPC and had 50 catches. He also seems to play very well against the Broncos

And im not undervaluing who we lost. VJ was a big loss but i think we got a guy who can be a real good player. We went 75% of 2010 without VJ and we did fine and didnt have a Meachem type player filling in and we were better in the RZ that year.
I happen to think Gaither is a much better player than McNeill. Why else is he still not signed? You tell me. The guy is damaged goods and hasnt been as good the past two or three years.

We arent the team we were in 2007 but i think this team is still good enough to win the division.

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