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Originally Posted by BrewCrew View Post
Wrong on the one hit could be it for Peyton. Try doing some reading before posting ignorance. A fused neck vertebrae poses no more danger from a hit than one that isn't fused. He has no more risk of being injured by a hit to the spine than Philip Rivers. The only risk at this point is the nerve fully regenerating and him gaining full arm strength. He is already well on his way.

The rest of your post is homer ism. Meachem is not a replacement for Jackson. He was a 3/4 receiver in New Orleans and V Jack would easily be a 1/2. Colston and V Jack would be a close comparison. He will now be lining up against Darrel Revis, Champ, etc. instead of lining up against nickel and dime backs. He's good but V Jack has unique talents and that's why he got twice as much $$. Like I said, the Chargers have filled some holes but I'm not sure they are drastically better.

It's all moot. We split last season. The Broncos are going to be a drastically different team next year. Tebow to Manning changes the game. The analysts who don't have a horse in his race are currently favoring the Broncos.

Tolbert scored 19 TDs the last 2 seasons. Matthews is fragile. I brought it up because he has produced. I suppose next you'll say losing Sproles is no big deal either. Funny how that works. You over value Meachem etc and under value all the players the Chargers have lost. Reality is the Chargers are not the team of 3 years ago.
Tolbert was the "goal line back" but I hated it. He really should have had so many more TDs for a big man but he's not a punishing type of back for a man his size. Mathews really brings as much power as he does but has much more ability to break it outside in goal line situations. The times he was given goal line opportunities, he performed well, so I'm also one that doesn't have a lot of concerns about losing Tobert in terms of scoring.

You are correct though, Mathews is fragile. He has fumbling issues (as does Tolbert). And he has pass protection issues. The fumbling and pass protection problems can be corrected. I don't know if he'll ever overcome the injury bug though.

They do need to find a capable backup though. That is a huge concern. I'd love for them to go after J Stewart if he gets released/traded but it probably won't happen because of the salary reasons. They'll probably draft a RB with a late round pick.

I think everyone is writing off Meachem way too early. He did okay in the Saints offense but looking at his skill set, you can make a great argument that the offense wasn't a great fit for him. On paper, the Charger offense is tailored perfectly for him. He's going to be doing exactly what Jackson did here and that's run those fly patterns and he can fly faster than Jackson. The size difference isn't an issue because remember, Jackson still doesn't use his size to his maximum advantage. It's the one thing that drove me nuts about him. He doesn't attack the ball at the highest point like Malcom Floyd does so swell.
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