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Jacob Tamme

Originally Posted by Boltjolt View Post
Your right, Peyton is no longer a Colt. Our last win against him was just in 2010 and we were only 6-5 so no, not all those wins were way back when. In 2010, we handed the Colts their worst home loss in many years since Peyton has been there.
Now, he is 36, hasnt played in a year, is learning a new offense and new players and has two fused vertebrae in his neck and COULD POSSIBLY be one good hit away from being out for a while if not for good.

I never said we owned him and pointed that out if some of you actually would read the posts. Im just saying we have had good success against him and he doesnt usually play that well against a 3-4 defense and our new DC was with us as a LB coach when we game planned for him with Wade Phillips and Rivera so he knows what worked.
I just like our chances against him and dont fear him at all. No reason to since we have beat him more than he has beat us.

On the other side of that, Carson Palmer who i dont think is a very good QB plays lights out against us.

As for who we lost and who we signed...IMO Gaither is a big upgrade to McNeill. McNeill hasnt been that great since his 2nd season so im glad we replaced him with Gaither who last season with us, was awesome. Didnt allow a sack or even a pressure on Rivers. Thats why they released McNeill and resigned Gaither.

Yes we lost VJ, but Meachem is a good player who was good when he played with Brees and will be productive with Rivers as well. He isnt 6'5", but he is 6'2" and is much faster than Jackson is. I expect him to get 60-70 receptions just as Jackson did for us.
Rivers spreads the ball around so one guy isnt going to have 90 catches. Would of liked to have Jackson back but not with a 13 mil cap hit and i think Meachem is a good replacement who will do well for us. He is a former first round pick who has produced.

Tolbert was an OK player so i dont know why you even mention him. He will be easily replaced IMO but he was a very good ST's player.

Castillo may still come back but he has been hurt so much lately that he isnt the same player.
Dielman is a big loss but honestly when he was out and McNeill was out, the OL as a whole was very good down the stretch. Was it a co-incidence? Maybe, and im not going to say Green is as good as Dielman at all but as a group they played well and im sure we will get another OG somehow. Either by a trade or in the draft.

Im not real high on OLB Jarrett Johnson as a pass rusher but he is very good at everything else and does provide some pressure. He helps free up the other OLB's to attack the QB.
Im sure we will address another OLB in the draft. I expect the draft to be pretty much all defense asside from maybe a OG.

Im thinking OLB will be our first pick so could be one of Upshaw, Perry, Merciles. We're in good possition for one of them. Or, maybe they draft DeCastro but i doubt it. Wouldnt mind Fleener either and would love Michael Floyd but defense has to be the focus and im sure it will be.
Wrong on the one hit could be it for Peyton. Try doing some reading before posting ignorance. A fused neck vertebrae poses no more danger from a hit than one that isn't fused. He has no more risk of being injured by a hit to the spine than Philip Rivers. The only risk at this point is the nerve fully regenerating and him gaining full arm strength. He is already well on his way.

The rest of your post is homer ism. Meachem is not a replacement for Jackson. He was a 3/4 receiver in New Orleans and V Jack would easily be a 1/2. Colston and V Jack would be a close comparison. He will now be lining up against Darrel Revis, Champ, etc. instead of lining up against nickel and dime backs. He's good but V Jack has unique talents and that's why he got twice as much $$. Like I said, the Chargers have filled some holes but I'm not sure they are drastically better.

It's all moot. We split last season. The Broncos are going to be a drastically different team next year. Tebow to Manning changes the game. The analysts who don't have a horse in his race are currently favoring the Broncos.

Tolbert scored 19 TDs the last 2 seasons. Matthews is fragile. I brought it up because he has produced. I suppose next you'll say losing Sproles is no big deal either. Funny how that works. You over value Meachem etc and under value all the players the Chargers have lost. Reality is the Chargers are not the team of 3 years ago.
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