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Originally Posted by BrewCrew View Post
You are living in the past buddy. Peyton is no longer a Colt and the Chargers aren't what they were a few years. In case you forgot, most of those wins you mention we're during a four year run where the Chargers owned the AFC West. That run is over. You added some pieces this offseason but did they make the team better or just replace some of the losses? Meachum for Jackson. Gaither for McNeill, etc. I could make the argument that neither of those are as good as the player they replaced. Tolbert is gone, Dielman is gone, Castillo is a Free Agent, etc. like I said, some nice Free Agency additions but the Chargers have lost a lot of key pieces these last few seasons.
Lol at the "we own them" theory. Teams change- nobody has anyone's number except the Broncos against the Patriots...oh wait...
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