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I think they'll stick with Knowshon and McGahee. Ted Bartlett seems to think Knowshon is going to fit pretty well in a Manning-style offense
The position that I think is interesting is RB. I actually think that this is the kind of nickel-all-the-time offense that Knowshon Moreno was born to play in, and if he can stay healthy, I give him a really good chance of being the number-one guy, by virtue of his superior blocking and receiving ability. Heís really like a more talented version of Joseph Addai. Both Moreno and McGahee will get to run against a lot of six- and seven-man boxes, and thatís the trick to maximizing the running game on a per-play basis. The Broncos may only run 20 times per game, but their yards per carry will almost certainly be high.

"stay healthy" is the big question mark with knowshon. If he does, I will be surprised - but Mcgahee seems adequate for the task, IMO
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