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Kelly Brook

Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
The problem with the model is that most of the skill players on offense were also a part of that evolution over a 5-6 year period.. We don't have the time to evolve on offense if we're going to have success within Manning's window.
this. this. this!

why don't people understand that what Manning built in Indy takes time to implement and perfect. he and his OL and his receivers need to work together to put his system in place and it cannot be done in 1 year and it cannot be done with rookies. this is why i was concerned about this signing and this is why the FO had better get its act together and start bringing in players who can pick the system up quickly so Manning can start practicing with them and getting the timing down. we have a 2-3 year window and the clock is ticking. we cannot put the other pieces into place via the draft. rookies generally don't walk off the college campus and into an NFL locker room ready to be starters. that's why the rebuild is over. we will need to sign FAs and make trades and that's why we will have no real draft this year (picks traded away) if the FO really intends to win now.
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