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Originally Posted by Boltjolt View Post
Heres the bottom line. They were 12-4, we were 8-8 and we beat em. They were 13-0, undeafeated and we we to Indy and beat em.

You know you could look this stuff up yourself instead of guessing. It isnt hard.

Here is the 2008 playoff game and the Colts had 1 more possession than us before OT and we won the toss and went in and scored

Here is the 2007 playoff game where Billy Volek took it to him for a loss on the last drive. We had 12 possessions, they had 10.

Here is the 2010 regular season game. Colts had 1 more possession than we had.
Why do I need to look that up? I simply stated the Chargers ability to run the ball against the Colts helped them to beat them, which is true. Even Rivers stated that recently. The rest, I guess you are arguing with yourself or something and in reality, what any of that has to do with the here and now, is anybody's guess.
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