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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Actually Chargers have had quite a few good teams. Lets face it the fact the Chargers have failed to advance to the Superbowl under Rivers is because they choke. All a good record vs Indy says is that they didn't choke vs Indy.

Manning, as good as he is, will still need to settle into Denver. I look for his 2nd yr to be much better then this yr.

But Chargers? Really the window in the AFC was open for them but the always follow up a big win with a choke once playoffs start.

Charger fans should wonder what the hell. How does a team with all the talent Chargers have, best qb in division, finish friggin 8-8 last yr?

I realize the front 7 not what it used to be but cmon?

There are rumblings that Rivers is undercoached. Is Turner to easy going on him?
I blame Norv!!..
And yes they retained him this year when it was said he was a goner and i was really down that they kept him. But, he has one more shot. If they fail again to make the playoffs this year, it is said both he and AJ are gone. Thats why AJ is playing in FA'cy this year.

Rivers isnt undercoached. Norv made him a better QB but he just didnt have a good season overall in the middle of it and was forcing things and made bad decisions. Even had the first, 3 INT game of his career. But, he bounced back the last 5 games and played like he usually does.
I dont think ive ever seen him fumble a snap like he did at KC to lose a game for us. That was another gift to Denver Just wasnt a good year and the DC was awful.
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