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Actually Chargers have had quite a few good teams. Lets face it the fact the Chargers have failed to advance to the Superbowl under Rivers is because they choke. All a good record vs Indy says is that they didn't choke vs Indy.

Manning, as good as he is, will still need to settle into Denver. I look for his 2nd yr to be much better then this yr.

But Chargers? Really the window in the AFC was open for them but the always follow up a big win with a choke once playoffs start.

Charger fans should wonder what the hell. How does a team with all the talent Chargers have, best qb in division, finish friggin 8-8 last yr?

I realize the front 7 not what it used to be but cmon?

There are rumblings that Rivers is undercoached. Is Turner to easy going on him?
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