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Originally Posted by Boltjolt View Post
OK, but it didnt limit his possessions. He had just as many as we did. We just scored more often. He threw 4 INT's the last time we played him and in the playofffs in 2008, he didnt throw a INT and had 42 passes and we just played better is all.

Thats two games, what about the other three? One of them was when they were 13-0 and we went to Indy and beat them. We still had Brees then.
Um, that isn't what I meant and besides, in any game, teams have the same number of possession unless there are returns of some kind for touchdowns. I mean limiting the number of possessions so instead of your own usual number, you have less than normal when the other team is able to run successfully most of the game and take time off the clock. Having the same number of possessions as the Chargers is besides the point. If the Colts say usually had on average 12 possessions a game, but maybe only had 8-9 against the Chargers because the Chargers were able to run the ball and take time off the clock, that can make a difference.
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