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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
The problem with the model is that most of the skill players on offense were also a part of that evolution over a 5-6 year period.. We don't have the time to evolve on offense if we're going to have success within Manning's window.
Nah. Not really. They added new guys all the time. New WR's flourished in the slot, Tamme played better than Dallas 2 years ago, New RB's moved in and out of the lineup.

The thing about INDY, is those skill position guys were Not super-talented guys outside of Marvin Harrison and Edgerrin James. There are a Lot of just solid guys like Dallas, Reggie, Collie, Garcon and others who rolled in and played well in a real simple system.

The one thing the experienced guys could do is change route setups on the fly. They could extend a comeback 2 steps to get a deep CB to flip his hips and turn as they shortened his cushion and then throw the ball (ala Darrent Williams). Then, they would adjust a Sluggo to that new depth and score the Winning TD as the CB bit on the underneath read with no help overtop and getting pummeled on outs, comebacks and slants all game.

Still can not believe Manning threw that pick to Porter in the SB when they had him so set up for that same move with Wayne on third down.

That is the adjustability that he has at the LOS. That versus, a two route half field zone read. I'll take the former please
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