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The problem with the model is that most of the skill players on offense were also a part of that evolution over a 5-6 year period.. We don't have the time to evolve on offense if we're going to have success within Manning's window.
Running backs came and went. Wayne and Harrison were long term, but I think less important in the evolution of the Colts offense. The hardest part I thought was the O line, which is why I was surprised to see Elway let Saturday get away to GB.

I agree with you, but I don't think it has to evolve in the same way it did for the Colts (meaning back to ground 0). There's a lot of experience to build upon. It'll be a different process altogether, as it should be. No reason to recreate the Colts here.

We sit here discussing, but I almost guarantee that process has already begun. Manning was previously working out with old friends at Duke. But I would bet that has already changed, that he's reached out to the Broncos WR group, and that they are already throwing passes together.
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