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Originally Posted by jerseyguy4 View Post
The "Peyton Manning Offense" has evolved a lot of his career.

Offhand, I would mark the huddle evolution points as:
- (start of career) regular QB who huddles except under 2 minutes
- started stretching the 2 minute no-huddle into longer stretches when needed
- no huddle all the time

similarly, the play calling has evolved....I only know what the articles said at the time. but it went something like this:
- regular. Tom Moore was calling the plays
- Moore would call in 3 plays, and allow Peyton to choose among them
- Moore would call in an "idea", and Peyton would work with that. Possibly it would be scrapped at the line if necessary
- Moore stopped calling plays, and instead would call in whatever information Peyton and he agreed was most useful. Peyton was basically running his own show.

Actually, I would be a little surprised if the Manning/McCoy agreement was straight "do whatever you think works" right out of the gate. One of Manning's best qualities is that he's been flexible over the years. McCoy and Manning need to come up with a new system, a Denver Broncos system, and a Manning-McCoy system.

Honestly, it could be just about anything and I wouldn't be surprised. I do expect it to be a damn good show though. As fans, we might need a little patience too. Might take a few games to find a rhythm.
The problem with the model is that most of the skill players on offense were also a part of that evolution over a 5-6 year period.. We don't have the time to evolve on offense if we're going to have success within Manning's window.
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