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Originally Posted by Lycan View Post
I am currently reading the Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind.

Just started but pretty good so far.
STOP after the first! I repeat STOP after the first!

The first is decent, if a bit derivative. An excellent self contained character driven story. Then Goodkind decided to expand the universe into an "epic" in which he introduces an entirely new plot. That's fine, it happens a lot.

The real problem is that along the way he stops writing a story and starts preaching. Several of the books are nothing more than a enormous rants about his political and philosophical positions in which he constructs a society that embodies a straw man for him to easily beat on. Faith of the Fallen is about 950 pages of rant and 50 pages of actual story. There is absolutely zero progression of the series plot despite the story lasting almost 2 years for the characters. I could summarize that book in less than 20 words. The next two books are similarly constructed. He seems to think this makes his books "literary".

They also become increasingly self repetitive. The same basic story happens:

1.) Richard and Kahlan start off happy after succeeding in the last book.
2.) Richard and Kahlan are separated by the forces of evil in the current book
2a.) Richard and Kahlan go all emo about being separated and question each other's love.
3.) Richard and Kahlan overcome the evil and are reunited learning that all along everything was OK between them!

I think Goodkind has some serious abandonment/relationship issues =P

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