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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Broncos vs. Patriots receivers is closer than you think, and the fact that the Broncos have added so much talent in so little time is exciting.
No they arent. Your group isnt in the same league as New Englands.

Keep dreaming, Thomas and Green are under contract for 3 more years. Tamme's weight has nothing to do with his effectiveness as a split TE btw.
Of course im dreaming...well not really, we can get a TE in the draft who are better than Green and Thomas, im just saying id take either one to groom. As for Tamme, im not badmouthing the guy at all and dont know why you are coming at it that way. But he is an undersized TE who isnt a good blocker but he has some decent hands.

Broncos: Chargers: Advantage:
1. Demaryius Thomas 1. Robert Meachem Thomas (i dont agree here)
2. Eric Decker 2. Malcolm Floyd Decker(your kidding right?)
3. Andre Caldwell 3. Eddie Royal Royal(by a mile)
4. Jacob Tamme 4. Antonio Gates Gates(by many MILES)
5. Joel Dreessen 5. Vincent Brown Dreessen (your comparing 6 year vet TE to our 2nd year WR? Why not compare your next in line WR,... Willis or Crosby? Oh wait, now i know why...... And Dreessen is nothing more than a average TE with 110 career receptions in 6 years)
Dude, Vincent Brown is going to be a good WR but he missed half the season with a bad hamstring but played very well when healthy. He is going to outproduce Dreesen.

I hate to break this to you, but the Chargers are paying their receivers $9M more than the Broncos receivers, and they aren't as good.
I dont think it is that much more and really who cares if it is? All our WR's cost less than it would of to keep Jackson and i think our WR's as a group are better than yours.

Royal and Gates may have a slight advantage over Caldwell and Tamme,
Slight edge? My you are a homer arent you! Caldwell isnt anything to speak of and has been a dispointment in Cinci,and Tamme is light years behind Gates. You must be kidding.
but the Broncos have better talent at the #1/#2 position.
Based on what? The only thing wrong with Floyd is he is hurt a lot. Otherwise he far and away better than Decker at this point. Decker had 9 drops last year. I dont know if Floyd has that many in his career. Meachem is a big talent who gets to be a #1 guy now and im not going to slight Thomas. He has some big talent but he is going into his 3rd year and hasnt had the numbers Meachem has had yet so at this point i dont agree with you.

I still contend that the Broncos should draft an OL or WR in round 1, which would give them a clear advantage. The Chargers do not have a true #1 WR, neither Meachem, nor Floyd are world beaters, and they are overpaid. The Broncos have 3 other receivers (Hill/Willis/Dell) who are just as good, if not better than Vincent Brown. Brown is slow, and doesn't have great size...not a good combo.

Neither do you and neither is Decker or Thomas but i think our guys are better. And Floyd is making 2 mil this year and Meachem will be getting 3.25 mil this year which is about 5 mil les than Jackson will get this year. How much is Thomas getting this year?

The more you spend on Offense, the less you can afford to stabilize your deteriorating Defense after the departure of Rivera...heh heh heh

Its called the draft and we signed one OLB and get Mouton back next season after missing his rookie year. Stuckey should be better than Gregory who i never liked at safety and we have a new DC already who has been with us for many years working his way up working under Wade and Rivera. Getting rid of Manusky makes the defense better right away.

We still have 8 million under the cap and still have the draft or maybe a trade still to come. Who knows. AJ has been active this year.

The ONLY clear advantage you have over us is Fox over Norv.

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