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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Broncos vs. Patriots receivers is closer than you think, and the fact that the Broncos have added so much talent in so little time is exciting.

Keep dreaming, Thomas and Green are under contract for 3 more years. Tamme's weight has nothing to do with his effectiveness as a split TE btw.

Broncos:		Chargers:		Advantage:
1. Demaryius Thomas	1. Robert Meachem	Thomas 
2. Eric Decker		2. Malcolm Floyd	Decker
3. Andre Caldwell	3. Eddie Royal		Royal
4. Jacob Tamme		4. Antonio Gates	Gates
5. Joel Dreessen	5. Vincent Brown	Dreessen
I hate to break this to you, but the Chargers are paying their receivers $9M more than the Broncos receivers, and they aren't as good. Royal and Gates may have a slight advantage over Caldwell and Tamme, but the Broncos have better talent at the #1/#2 position. I still contend that the Broncos should draft an OL or WR in round 1, which would give them a clear advantage. The Chargers do not have a true #1 WR, neither Meachem, nor Floyd are world beaters, and they are overpaid. The Broncos have 3 other receivers (Hill/Willis/Dell) who are just as good, if not better than Vincent Brown. Brown is slow, and doesn't have great size...not a good combo.

The more you spend on Offense, the less you can afford to stabilize your deteriorating Defense after the departure of Rivera...heh heh heh

Advantage: Broncos

I can't believe you're ripping on Brown so much. The guy had very limited playing time last year, coming off an pre-season injury and performed well in the few games he started.

Floyd is getting $2 million a year. Given his numbers, he's being paid about what he should be.

Meachem was overpaid but that's what you often do in free agency to get someone.
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