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"Ghost" and "Firefly" sucked ass! Piers Anthony's characters had all the depth of spilled beer and the plots were tiresome. Ugh! Majorly disappointing from a guy who's usually so fun to read.

"Blindsight," "Starfish," "Maelstrom," "Behemoth: B-Max" and "Behemoth: Seppouku" by Peter Watts were amazing. "Blindsight" is a stand alone novel about in-system space travel with a vampire captain, the rest are 4 parts in a trilogy (the publisher required Mr. Watts to publish the third volume as two books or kill the story by hacking out a third) about an ancient viral life-form that has survived in the deep ocean trenches and what happens when it gets loose. These were easily some of the best new fiction I've read in the last decade.

I also picked up "Omnitopia Dawn" by Diane Duane and the Moonlight bay books by Dean Koontz ("Fear Nothing" and "Seize the Night"). The one by Diane Duane was pretty good. A story that's been done before, but dressed up in a fresh set of clothes it all worked well. The Moonlight Bay books are a third or fourth re-read for me.

Up next:
"The Final Judgement" by Richard North Patterson and "The Wheel of Darkness" by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, both new to me purchases from the thrift store. I've also got a few others I picked up at the library that I can't remember the names of.
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