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Default The Manning offense - Parts 1-6

Manning said at his introductory presser that he wasnít going to be the offensive coordinator. Thatís literally true, in the sense that he wonít have that title. He almost certainly will be leading the installation of his own offense, though. John Fox said on Sirius the other day that he expects there to be a collaboration process between what Manning and McCoy like. Translation: Manning's offense will be used.

Manningís offense is the simplest in the NFL, which has the benefit of making it 100% callable from the line of scrimmage, and with every play available. For all the talk about audibling, most teams in the NFL primarily use a check-with-me system. That means that there will be a call made in the huddle, and also a coach-selected second call that should exploit a defense which is aligned well to defend the first call. By doing it this way, the QB can just yell out ďALERT! ALERT!Ē or something to that effect, and switch the play to the alternate call that everybody is expecting. Nothing is given away to the defense, because the check-off play will be something different every time the offense huddles.

The Manning offense (I call it that, because thereís nothing else like it) features about six running plays and 10 pass concepts. Each of those plays will have a number of different code words related to them, so that if I call out GLENGARRY once, and itís an inside run, I donít have to use GLENGARRY again for the same inside run later. I can have GLENGARRY, NEBRASKA, CHATTANOOGA, MARLINESPIKE, and AVALANCHE all mean the same inside running play.

I can also use a lot of dummy words, and have an activating word, which changes by the series. Manning has used that approach over the years. You might hear:
Odd 44, stack, calliope, 52ís the Mike, yellow 13, alert, alert, slide left, extra, reliable, GLENGARRY, maximum, overload right, green 27, set hut!
Most of that doesnít mean anything Ė I just made it up, but letís say Odd 44 means that the defense is in a three-man front and the two DEs are in 4-techniques. 52 is the Mike is self-explanatory. Reliable is the activating word, meaning that the word that comes after it, GLENGARRY, indicates the play call. The rest of it is dummy information. Maybe Manning says slide left, but that doesnít mean the offensive line will. He says overload right, even if there isnít an overload to the right.

Manning is the only QB in the NFL who is afforded the ability to call his own plays at the line of scrimmage whenever he feels he should. Itís worked really well, so thereís no reason to change that. Weíll get into recognition a little later, and how he chooses plays. For now, just understand that itís up to him in those moments when heís barking out random-sounding words, and that some of those words mean things.

Read the whole thing here:

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