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Originally Posted by canadianbroncosfan View Post
And I'd take our over Royal, Crayton, Floyd and Gates.
Crayton isnt on the team anymore.

We have Meachem, Floyd, Vincent Brown, Royal, Gates.

Other than Thomas...who still hasnt really done much to this point, you dont have much. I like his prospects and Deckers too but they still arent proven and you can say Meachem isnt either as a starter but he is a 4 year vet and made some plays in his time with some pretty decent numbers and will be getting a ton more chances than he has before.

And please tell me why Andre Caldwell gets any praise? He has been a disapointment thus far.

Sorry, ill take our WR's over yours at this point and i wasnt even trying to compare but if you want to compare at least try and get who we have correct.

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