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Originally Posted by Boltjolt View Post
You think its even close? Id take the Pats guys in a heart beat.
Tamme is a pretty decent pickup but is a recieving TE and is only 236 lbs. If your overloaded at TE id sure like to take Thomas off your hands. Like Green too for that matter. We can use a TE to groom unless we plan to draft one this year which would be smart.
Its not close they are being homers. you doubt thats enough for Manning to move the ball well and score. What does your guy tell you about pts per game with the Broncos offense as it sits now?

I'm thinking probably between 375-400 points which probably sticks them right at the bottom of the top 10 where SD usually comes in. For Denver that could be a huge jump. If the defense gets a little better Broncos will be tough for the Chargers, Raiders, Chiefs. But you know what, maybe it lights a fire under Chargers and signals the end of the west being a trash heap where 8-8 makes the playoffs.

Also I don't think Chargers got better by losing Tolbert and Jackson. Meachum a good player but still not an improvement.

Also Gates a yr older. He did come on strong and look to be in better shape towards the end of the yr though so maybe hes still got it.

Going to be an interesting season.....unless Manning gets injured, then its all sort of just a huge letdown.
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