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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
People keep complaining about this but he went and took some visits. Usually they throw numbers around and then the original team, the player, the agent get a good feel for the market.

He's young and can still get better right? He probably works really hard and played better then we all thought last yr. Other teams seemed to be interested. Broncos probably paid what they had to in order to keep him.

Could be they have a plan for the draft that includes not trying to go for backers. Maybe they thought they had to get Woodyard and Mays signed for insurance at not landing any FA at linebacker. Who knows but Mays and Woodyard can both run. Indy often built defenses that were good at attacking with a lead. They may feel both these players can thrive this yr.
Perhaps youre right, i personally think he's kinda ****!
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