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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
But is our roster actually better? That's my point. Not whether or not Manning will have a positive effect on them. Right now we have lost our best DT, and added nothing of worth so far in return (leaving Manning out obviously). So again, how is this roster better than last year's?
The passing game will be better, the running game will be worse. In this league, that translates to points. That's how this should be judged. We didn't change the roster when Tebow became QB but the run game got more productive by way of how the players were used. The offense will be able to put up more points (in theory) so the team will be improved. Whether they can translate that new scenario into a more effective use of the D is what we'll be waiting to see. Some theorize they can send the pass rushers now and it'll make a difference but straight up the middle is possibly worse right now than anything Manning ever had on one of his Ds. As of right now, the D has gotten tremendously worse so at this point, we have to rely on the different usages of the players to bail us out or we're fooked.
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