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Originally Posted by watermock View Post
Just what jocks need, some ESPN clown in this new "Hot Seat" that Disney cooked up to make Athletes look foolish by throwing them rediculous questions rapid fire. From what I understand, he was goaded into the comment anyway. Chalk another one up for a network that has steadily become more and more rediculous despite more game programming.

Even Berman has seemed to become infected, complaining that a particuliar home run didn't allow him to say "Back Back Back" only three times, like that isn't worn out enough allready.

Then we had to listen to "Booya" a million times before Stewie seems to have put in the closet.

I am not even going near the incredibly hostile new NBA analyst who appears mad at the whole world, or, well, part of it.

What was so wrong with Peyton saying he was the best? I don't think he's that awesome, but who's better? He had a pretty crappy year when Griese went to the pro bowl if I remember right.

And Peyton stomping his foot and waving around like a lunatic in false audibles has stopped making teams go out of the proper defense.

Finally, the team spent way too much money on his contract. Agents and players keep thinking that salaries will keep going up like they did in the past. When Harrison's contract comes up, who is going to pay for it? The NFL doesn't have a luxury tax, thank God.

And another poster is right, Manning is horrible on play action and likes to hold the ball too long. He's a fine QB for sure so whatever. Both Elway, Marino and Favre were all better in their prime IMO.

Some of the backlash against Peyton revolves around his 38 million signing bonus which is rediculous, and Grandpa Archie down in the Bayou who is totally clueless at this point and made Eli look like a spoiled brat.

I don't know exactly what the imperitive to play for New York that has a bad team, bad weather, and a tyranical coach in Coughlin.
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