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Self transforming machine elves??

Postby Psychedelic_Sprinkle Tue Feb 03, 2009 2:37
The second time i tried salvia, it was pretty ridiculous lol. I took 2 big hits outta my bong, held them in as long as a i could, and my boyfriend was sitting facing me. As i blew out my smoke, i started to trip. My boyfriend was smiling at me and his ears grew huge and he his smile started to look kinda malicious and scary and he turned into an elf..then i felt like i was on a merry-go-round, everything was spinning and changing color. Then i looked behind my boyfriend and i realized everything in our room had turned into little weird machines. At the time we were listening to the Beatles, but the music changed completely from the Beatles into people speaking some language i couldnt understand. Then it got really weird..I had the sensation that i was laying down on my stomach, and there were all these crazy little tiny elves around me, throwing ropes over my body and legs, tying me down. They had my tounge rolled out and they were jumping up and down on it..i thought to myself "Not again, dont let them take me again" was ****ing crazy! It was so familiar, like i had been in this exact situation with these elves before. Then i started to come out of it, after what seemed like years, and i started flipping out and trying to rip these ropes off of me, which by this time were already gone. It was absoloutely nuts. Has anyone else had a salvia experience, or any kind of experience, with these crazy little machine elves?
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