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This is the crux of the matter. Elway and co have made a move of HUGE proportions. I agree that it makes the team better. Manning is an elite QB.

But Manning IS 36 years old. He does not have 5-6 years of play left. Odds are he will play here 3-4 IF he stays healthy. And if he is hurt we currently have no one ( well maybe Weber really is good...and maybe he can learn behind Manning)
to take his place.

The fact that we are paying a very large sum of $ to get PM here is also a consideration. Plus we also have to invest in other players to get the team up to his needs.

Like others I feel that going to the super bowl is the only way you can say this is a success. And maybe we will. But if we don't, and get knocked out early or even don't make the playoffs the next few years?

Then this will have been a mistake...of the same proportions as the potential upside. We are structuring the team for this move...
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