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I'm not even sure why you were so hopeful for the future. The Broncos happened to buck a whole lot of trends last year, and it made for an awesomely exciting season. Tim was a lot of fun to watch. But these things have a way of evening themselves out, and unless he vastly improved (and i doubt he VASTLY improved) we were more than likely gonna be a ****ty football team.

If Peyton stays healthy, there's no reason he cant give us three exciting years of good football. Sure, its an if, but its worth the risk. Hes one of the best ever.
Evening themselves out? Young QB's tend to improve. A lot. Especially ones that work their hearts out. With PM, 2005 was the ceiling. Everything from then on is decline. We've thrown away promise for the past.

And as Coach Ditka liked to say... you live in the past...
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