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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Peyton Manning would like to apologize to everyone for taking over 12 days to make a major career and life decision. Manning realizes that what is important is not his own fulfillment, or his employer's goals, but the strained patience of fans/Twitterati. Manning also realizes that multi-million $ decisions are best made hastily and apologizes deeply for being so old fashioned.

He also apologizes for being in such great demand, and knows it is his fault we find all of these suitors and coverage so annoying. Manning also "gets" the comparison to Favre, even though he has never feigned retirement, and this is March, not July. But they are both QBs. In short, Manning is really, really sorry for taxing our attention spans and forcing us to obsesses ceaselessly over his decision.!/FO_MTanier/st...43260325249025
such a dumb statement made by that guy. No one would be upset if Manning did what he said he would, i.e. sign before free agency to attract and help the team he signs with. Instead he's handicapped all three teams by his repeatedly pushing the decision back.

In SF's case, they might lose their starting qb to the dolphins, the Broncos are missing out on some players that would fit nicely in our club as well.

Mario Williams was almost as high profile of a free agent and he had no problem deciding within the first few days that the Bills were the right fit for him. Personally I think the whole thing reeks of CAA trying to drive the price up while espn and the nfl get more coverage and interest in their typically lowest interest time of the year.
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