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I cry B.S.

"According to league, and other sources the Denver Broncos, once thought to be the leading candidate has been eliminated, leaving the San Francisco 49ers to wait with the new favorite Tennessee Titans.

Multiple people familiar with the situation believe that the Titans, while not as close to championship contention as the 49ers, who lost the NFC Championship game last season to the eventual champion New York Giants are a better fit for Manning.

“San Francisco has all the pieces to win a Super Bowl, and Manning puts them over the top,” said a league source speaking on the condition of anonymity. “But team aside, Tennessee is the better fit overall, and I believe that’s where he ends up.”

Continue reading on Multiple reports say Titans are leaders in Manning chase - Nashville Tennessee Titans |"

Arias cites no one in specific, and all he says is that multiple people say Tennessee would be a better fit.

I swear, the media is just turning their wheels spouting nothing substantial at all!
Little late in the game to be crying foul over 'league' sources

Could be BS in the end. But it's just as possible as anything that's been debated the last 2 weeks in the OM.
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