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Originally Posted by txtebow View Post
was lady luck on our side last year? you betcha'!

But I am of the thought that we try and develop Tebow being that this will be his first official off season. Plus he was slated to get starters reps in TC.the growth from a QB's 1st year as a starter to his second is usually very telling one way or another (A Rodgers or V Young) and it seems as though we are going to yank the carpet away from him before we get to see the fruits of our coaches labor....We all realize that Manning is a sure fire HOF'er and probably a top 5 QB of all time...but if he winds up as Joe Montana in KC only in a Bronco uniform we fans will always wonder what if regarding Tebow.

I am now of the mindset that I want to see Manning wearing a XXXXXXXXL niners or titans hat no later than Tuesday....
I will not wonder one bit. tebow is a few offseasons away if ever from becomming a passer in the NFL.
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