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If he loved Denver last week, there's no reason for him not to love them again.

It's like buying a car (go with me on this) - you fall in love with the Honda. You've driven it, the money is great, all the extras are awesome. It's a done deal. Then someone from the VW dealership comes in, shows you something flashy. something with some nice incentives. So you take the time to drive it and hey! It's not that bad. Duly noted. And then - BAM! - here comes that sweet Dodge Charger, $5000 off MSRP, totally souped up, sales guy found you on the sly, only offering YOU this awesome deal because he likes you. You take that for a spin and think 'hey, I could totally snag some quality poon in this thing'. But when you sit down to decide you, as a business person and a reasonably-minded adult, come to realize that your gut and your first instincts have never failed you before and they're likely the right decision at this point.

So yeah - Denver.
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