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If he goes to TENN it won't surprise or disappoint me.

I doubt he is serious about SF either but they are the best fit if he
wants a championship... I don't think they have the cap space though, unless he signs cheap.

I have always thought that he has been jerking Elways chain the entire time. At first it was to actually gauge interest, then it became about waiting to bring other parties in and get to where he wants to be, at a price that is worth his
talents ( which are large but probably smaller than he thinks they are.)

Now its about getting past the weekend and then one more round of "Is that your best offer?"

Then he'll go to TENN.

Meanwhile Our FO is going to look like they are incompetent, and that is probably right.

The only thing that will surprise me is if he actually comes to Denver. And the amount he is going to get
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