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To be honest, I don't think Tebow has any interest in getting better as a QB. He's had the same problems and been dogged by the same questions his whole life, and he hasn't done anything about it. I think he genuinely thinks that God will make everything alright for him and that he should take his immense popularity as a sign of things working out. I think he believes largely what MacGruder believes--that he is a singular talent, and that he does not need to be better as a "traditional" (read: competent) passer because his guts and strength and guile are enough. I think he likes being the underdog, likes being questioned, and is in love with the narrative that has been crafted around him as the guy that bursts expectations and does things the "wrong" way. I think he is more interested in being a symbol and mouthpiece for his values than he is in improving as a football player, and I think he feels that his popularity has reached a point where that message is working. He's not going to sit behind Manning because sitting keeps him out of the spotlight.

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