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Originally Posted by Flex Gunmetal View Post
if the story is legit, asking to be traded is a blatant complaint lol.
Here is the Difference.

Tebow himself has said ZERO. The story comes from an unidentified source that may or may not be true.

Elway did publically say that Tebow had earned the right to be the starter going
into camp. He also said they would bring in 2 QBs to compete. Then he publically scouted multiple QBs for the draft and has publically tried to sign Manning. Manning is a special case, but the QBs he is scouting will not go in lower rounds. There will not be an "open competition ' for the nunber 1 QB spot on the roster if Manning is signed....and anyone who says that is the case is not being truthful about the position. Manning will be #1, just based on salary.

Last year they said there would be open competition, then named Orton the starter 3 days into camp, before any games or preseason . Tebow voiced his disappointment then., but then became a good soldier and shut up about it.
Meanwhile Orton received all the snaps with the first team and Tebow was relegated to limited snaps and time with the 2nd and third strings, until Orton had crapped the bed for a 1-4 record.

Frankly knowing just those facts above , which camp would you say is being most direct and open, and honest ?

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