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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
This is why I said from the very start they were playing with fire...needlessly.

Now, even if they don't get Manning, they'll have to trade Tebow. I don't blame him ONE BIT. He is TOTALLY IN THE RIGHT. 100%. If someone treats you like **** over and over and then actually LIES to you about your role...flat out lies, then yeah, you won't want to be there. I'm not sure whats shocking about that. They lied.

If they don't end up with Manning, they'll be left with absolutely nothing. Literally nothing. Nice work, FO. You better hope your Brokeneck lover rescues you, John, cause its your ****ing ass on the line.

I sure hope the old man didnt think hiring Elway would insulate the organization from criticism when it acts stupidly. If so, you thought wrong. You're back in Spring, 2009 old man. Its going to ****ing hellish for you if you end up without a single QB that wants to be here Tuesday morning. Hellish....

You've been asking for a ****storm EFX and now you're going to ****ing get it.
Been out of town until now, so I'm just reading this. Brilliant post.

The bolded part it how I am starting to feel as a consumer. We've going on nearly 15 years of front office ineptitude.

"Let's start Griese over Brister, no he's good, no he's really really good, okay maybe we didn't need to keep him for 4 years to find out how awful he is, let's get Plummer, oh look we made it to the AFCCG, let's draft a quarterback to replace him, oh we don't like this quarterback, let's trade him for a different quarterback, oh that didn't work out, but Cutler is pissed, so now we HAVE to trade him, let's trade him for Orton and draft Tebow, oh Orton sucks but let's start him anyway, oh that's not working out, let's start Tebow, oh hey we won a playoff game, let's go out and get Payton Manning, oh that didn't work but now Tebow is pissed so we HAVE to trade him."

So I've color-coded the previous text for obvious reasons. I'm tired of this front office making the same mistakes over and over. The Keystone Cops up there have no clue WTF they're doing.
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