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Originally Posted by rbackfactory80 View Post
I agree. I think Elway thinks what Tebow is doing out there isn't Qb-ing. He sees him and the rest of the greats at the position as artists with a very special ability, and I don't blame him. My problem is if it's all about winning then it was only rational to give Tim one more year and see where we stand. I think the best coaches/personnel evaluators will work to the strengths of their players and not try to recreate something that we won't necessarily ever find again (another Elway).

Tim had room to grow but he gave us a great starting point. We were watching him progress to the point of him having his best passing game as the last game he played while we were winning. As a fan, it was the perfect rebuild opportunity in my eyes.
Not to mention it was damn fun to watch and after all isn't that why we watch the games?
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