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Connor Barth

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Why would you field calls from people trying to assasinate your character by spreading **** in the paper to win the PR war? I'm glad he didn't talk to them. **** them.
Cutler did enough on his own in public and private to assassinate his own character. But even if all of your accusations are true, you answer the call because that is what grown ups do. That's what men do. That's what businessmen do.

The most disturbing (unconfirmed) information out there from this Manning thing is not the fact that the Broncos went after him. It is not even the fact that they are probably not going to get him.

The most disturbing (unconfirmed) information out there is that they didn't level with their quarterback before they began their pursuit. I would hope that they had the professional courtesy to tell him that he was going to hear some stuff and gave him their reasons why.

Of course, like I said, we have no idea that conversation didn't take place. And even if t didn't, the second most disturbing (unconfirmed) information would be an overreaction from Tebow requesting a trade.
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