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Tebow is going to be a back-up wherever he goes. No team is in a hurry to start Tim Tebow. However, whatever team is stupid enough (I said it) to trade for him will find themselves the target of a Tebow Nation who will demand loudly that they are idiots for not promising him the Sun, Moon, and Stars the minute he walked into the building. I like Tebow, but his nation of fans is why I will not miss him when he's gone. They are irrational, unpleasant, and a negative weight on whatever franchise is carrying them.
Look for the best in people. Your common sense and experience tells you that the internet reveals the extremes in every case, whether the issue is politics, religion, or something else. Unless you've had a large number of unpleasant encounters in person, I don't see any reason to think the worst of Tebow's fans as a whole.

The one thing they have uniting them is that something about Tebow inspires them and brings them joy. And based on everything Tebow exudes, that's not a bad thing.

I know a lot of Tebow fans. And the vast, vast majority of them have been very realistic about him for a long time. We didn't expect him to be picked in the first round. We didn't expect him to get a chance right away. And we tend to expect him to be constantly micro-examined.
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