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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
True colors?

He's been ****ing lied too...repeatedly and he's been completely disrespected over and over. They shouldn't have lied to him in the beginning. BTW, he hasnt blasted the team publicly so I'm ont sure what you are upset about. He's obviously not wanted, thats clear. Why would someone want to be where they are obviously not wanted?

Would you?

You're doing exactly what the team wants. They want you to forget about all the moral blame on their hands and just line up behind them. Don't be weak minded. Bowlen is sitting back and laughing at responses like yours he's saying "exxxcellent" in a Mr. Burns style voice, you are jsut the pawn that they LOVE. You'll put in money and stand in line no matter what. You are a useful pawn for the team. Open your eyes.
Let me start off by saying I said "If this were true"

Its a business hes a 3rd year QB, he succeeded in a option based run first offense. Of course he hasn't come out publicly. We had a great season with him as a team, but he still has to prove he can run a pro style offense. Not every year is Peyton Manning a FA, get over it Tim same thing is happening to Alex Smith and Jake Locker as well. Just because we are scouting QBs in the 2nd-3rd round means were nervous about Tim not that we want to get rid of him.

You are really letting your hatred for Bowlen blind you. Come on man these are some conspiracy theories. This is the same crap Skip Base-less is spewing. All I hear about Tebow is that hes thick skinned so if what Taco is actually saying that changes my mind about him being thick skinned. Its Peyton Manning, if we dont get him Tebow is the starter going into camp. If we get him he should just keep his mouth shut and learn behind Peyton because its going to help him in his career.

If the rumor is true that Tebow is going to ask out of the Broncos even if we don't get Manning, that really speaks a lot to his true character especially if he does it behind the scenes through his camp. Tebow has always let his camp run his career. Who knows if this was his idea or his brother's idea or his greedy sports agency.
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