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Originally Posted by eddie mac View Post
In truth EFX get what they want here.

If Tebow asks to go they'll make it out like it's his choice and they aren't the villains here. They did what they could to better the team by pursuing Manning.

In the end they get rid of the guy they didn't want and Tennessee saves Bowlen $50m plus in the process.

Everyone's a winner, well in Denver's Front Office that is.

Meanwhile we're stuck here with no QB and no upgrades on the roster, infact we still dont have a DT.

Same old ****, different season, we should be used to it by now.
Pretty much. They can act as though they are so surprised Tebow wanted to be traded and really believe in him and sitting for 2-3 years should have satisfied him despite being told he was the starter going into TC and they believed they had to change the whole offense and made so predictable just so Tebow could function apparently. Yeah, a real shocker why Tebow would be upset and want to go someplace else.
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