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Originally Posted by MVP-06 View Post
What does this have to do wih us not signing free agents? Never said Tebow was a problem.

Denver has not drafted all that well for the last 10+ years. Some hits, alot more misses. If Denver was in the same position talent wise as Pitt or Balt or Green Bay, and the only issue was finding the QB to get it all done I would be super thrilled that they are going after Manning.

Denver is too thin at too many spots. We do not have the number of picks needed to fill those holes. And while we wait for mellonhead to decide, free agents that could actually help Denver long term are going to Tampa, or Buffalo or KC or St Louis.

We wait and get no better waiting on a player at a position we really dont have a screaming need for. Manning can't cover, and he can't stop the run.

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