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Connor Barth

Originally Posted by garandman View Post
Management 101, diplomatic relations with your employees is a mark of a good leader... NO EFFORT was made to cushion the blow to Tebow in regards to the pursuit of Manning, that's the point here, show a little respect for the man you claimed was the starter going into next year by at least telling him up front what the plan was... If he wants a trade because of it, so be it.. but letting him twist in the wind waiting for Mannings decision is ridiculous.

Regardless, the broncos have a PR nightmare if this is true, and we will suck for the forseeable future.
Now this I agree with. I cannot comprehend why a call wouldn't be made to Tebow to tell him what was coming. It's just professional courtesy. The only reason that call wouldn't be made is if they had no plans on bringing him back, but then you never make the statement that he's the starter going in to training camp.

That said, we have no idea whether that call was made or not. All we know is what the media has put out there, and of there's anything this Peyton thing should have taught us is that there is a lot of bull**** flying around out there.
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