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Originally Posted by MVP-06 View Post
So you find out hat a top 5 qb of all time becomes available, you pursue him and he says no, im going to play at home for the last few years of my career. You deserve to be crucified? I guess we should have sat on our hands and not even asked at all.
Management 101, diplomatic relations with your employees is a mark of a good leader... NO EFFORT was made to cushion the blow to Tebow in regards to the pursuit of Manning, that's the point here, show a little respect for the man you claimed was the starter going into next year by at least telling him up front what the plan was... If he wants a trade because of it, so be it.. but letting him twist in the wind waiting for Mannings decision is ridiculous.

Regardless, the broncos have a PR nightmare if this is true, and we will suck for the forseeable future.
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