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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by KevinJames View Post
If this is true Tebow is showing his true colors, and I lost a whole lot of respect for him.
True colors?

He's been ****ing lied too...repeatedly and he's been completely disrespected over and over. They shouldn't have lied to him in the beginning. BTW, he hasnt blasted the team publicly so I'm ont sure what you are upset about. He's obviously not wanted, thats clear. Why would someone want to be where they are obviously not wanted?

Would you?

You're doing exactly what the team wants. They want you to forget about all the moral blame on their hands and just line up behind them. Don't be weak minded. Bowlen is sitting back and laughing at responses like yours he's saying "exxxcellent" in a Mr. Burns style voice, you are jsut the pawn that they LOVE. You'll put in money and stand in line no matter what. You are a useful pawn for the team. Open your eyes.
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