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So let me get this straight. Tebow is going to request a trade from a team he has a good chance of starting for to any of 31 other teams where he has no chance to start.

Feelings may be hurt now, but when emotions calm down he's going to realize this is the best situation for him. He may not be a Bronco next year, but it won't be because he asks out. Unless he gets and takes some really bad advice.
Tebow would likely find a starting job out there somewhere, but I'm on board with the fact that 3rd, 4th, 5th or whatever hand information about what Tebow wants to do at this point is probably both premature and questionable at the same time.

If this week has taught us anything, it's that you should take any information leaking from the Dove Valley side of things with a grain of salt. They clearly have no clue which way is up.

And secondly, as most of the OM sits here furious over this cluster****, it's got to be maddening for a guy like Tebow. It's natural in the midst of a team deciding whether they want you anymore to think that maybe you don't want them either. Maybe he or someone in his camp voiced this to someone in the Broncos organization.

But the fact that it would be just another in a long list of things the Broncos can't keep in house leads me to question this front office even further.

I'd rather they keep their pie holes shut when it comes to the press and talk through this with the kid and let him process it and have some back and forth before they go blabbing their bull**** side of the story in order to poison the well.

Unless they're the dumbest front office in the history of the league, they've got to realize that losing both Manning and Tebow at this point would be cataclysmic. Having a team going into 2012 openly playing for 2013 would be the final straw in my book.

I'd probably have to start checking into a refund.
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