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Gerald Willhite

Originally Posted by baja View Post
I love what Tebow brings to the current day NFL. Rather we sign Manning or not if he is traded I will follow him (and his new team) closely, maybe even more closely that the Broncos whom have become a disappointment for me and I stuck with them through some mighty lean years. Difference is even when they sucked they were fun to watch. Not proud of the current Bronco organization. I see them floundering for quite some time going forward.
This x10. Football is a business I get that but turning over this franchise to the guy that made us a laughingstock in the playoffs for years is one thing(anything for a championship right). But to not be able to get the deal done for Manning AND destroying the relationship with the one QB that has made this team relevant since those ass kickings given by Manning is BAD Business .

And hoping some second rounder might be the next Andy Dalton ain't gonna get it done.
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