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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by RaiderH8r View Post
They learned nothing from the Cutler fiasco. This FO is not to be trusted and has, exactly as you say, needlessly run this club aground and for what?
They better hope they get their guy, cause they are about to get into a full scale ****storm if they don't. There's going to be a lot of people pissed at EFX and its not going to matter who did what in their former occupation. All I care about are results. I don't give a **** if you are John Elway or Clayton Wendler. It's all the same to me. If you **** it up, you're ****ing head comes off. I'm sick and ****ing tired of this **** every summer. We go out of our way to **** things up. I really ****ing hate this incompetent **** every single time. Enough is enough. If you take a risk, you better succeed or you get ****ing ****canned. ****canned.
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