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Originally Posted by garandman View Post
I'm telling you right now.. if in reality really happens and Manning doesn't come to Denver, Elway has ruined his legacy in the eyes of most fans, I think if they haven't reached out to Tebow to explain what is going on with regards to Manning, I get Tebows frustration... Denver better up their offer to 30 mill per year!
ha ha, in your FIRST year as exec. VP of the Broncos, you hire a good coach in John Fox (this team needs defense? good choice, John) who takes a team to the playoffs and wins a playoff game AGAINST THE DEFENDING AFC CHAMPS with a QB that many thought COULDN'T PLAY THE POSITION PROFESSIONALLY. Wow.

THEN you get your team in the Peyton sweepstakes (because, remember, MANY FANS STILL DON'T THINK YOUR STARTING QB CAN PLAY THE POSITION) primarily because of your experience being a HOF QB that retired exactly when he should have, and has a world of credit among ANY QB, anywhere.

Seriously, how is Denver even IN the sweepstakes? And they have NOTHING to lose. Every other team in the Manning chase has things to lose, yet Denver doesn't.....except hurting Tim's feelings? Really? Hurting Timmy is the reason NOT to chase a HOF QB that might have a few years in the tank? Wow.

All respect to TJ, but nobody is privy to Tebows ideas about anything, except for his faith...because he, like a lot of christians do, wears that on his sleeve. I bet you could not get a quote from Tebow on ANYTHING related to Manning.
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