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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by barryr View Post
I don't know, I stated many times Tebow had to wonder if he could trust this organization again and I was told by some I didn't know how he felt and that he would be happy to play backup to Manning for 3 years or whatever.
Tebow is going to be a back-up wherever he goes. No team is in a hurry to start Tim Tebow. However, whatever team is stupid enough (I said it) to trade for him will find themselves the target of a Tebow Nation who will demand loudly that they are idiots for not promising him the Sun, Moon, and Stars the minute he walked into the building. I like Tebow, but his nation of fans is why I will not miss him when he's gone. They are irrational, unpleasant, and a negative weight on whatever franchise is carrying them.
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