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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
I was contacted tonight by a source who I used to talk to regularly, but haven't heard from in awhile. He's a guy who had given me some good information in the past, and I fully trust the information he's relayed to me tonight.

To cut straight to the point, he's told me that information he's received today says that regardless of how this Manning situation turns out, Tebow will be asking for a trade once the dust clears and Manning has made a decision. He's not asking to go to a specific team, and he does not require a starting role. The source says that he's disappointed that the Broncos are not showing any confidence in him, and he's being advised that he'd be better off in another organization.

The source says Tebow is currently being tight-lipped about this - he's wanted to go public but his advisors have told him to wait until the smoke clears on the Manning situation.

Story is clearly developing...
With the new CBA, his current contract, and a image to uphold, I can't even fathom how he would pull that off. Unless, the front office wants him out.
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