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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
Please tell me who!!! Who do they replace Tebow with after winning their 2nd playoff game in more than a decade Go back to your la la land hating ways. You have no reason in your head apparently. I know Tebow is not highly backed by the FO... but if you see the available talent in the FA... the possible rookie QBs that we could target... and I mean none... none... could be argued to start over Tebow. Just not gonna happen this year. Like it or not... Tebow is a Bronco for 2012 if Manning doesn't sign. Book it!!!

Like we are seriously going to trade Tebow and be left with only Weber...
like I said... if you cant add 1 + 1... go back to school.

*The only way Tebow gets traded is if he asks for the trade... yeah I don't see that happening...
Good grief, I will explain once again. I am one that would rather the Broncos kept Tebow and started him and not worried about this chasing of Manning, especially as long as it has been going on. I believe if Tebow is given proper coaching and more weapons around him, he can be a legit starter in the NFL and win games.

But I do not see the Broncos feeling that way. What they have done and said tells me at least they do not believe in Tebow and do not think he will develop enough to win or win consistently at least.

Who they can get? I have no idea, but I think they will do all they can to find Tebow's replacement, if not this year, then next year. With the way it looks, the Broncos are only going to spend much money if Manning signs, which means if Tebow is the starter next year, I do not think the roster will be that much improved and likely the team doesn't do well and more a reason for them to blame the QB and look for another.

I am more a Tebow supporter than most and maybe even you, but I see the writing on the wall. Tebow was told he was the starter going into TC, which is hardly a ringing endorSeimiant since that means if someone else beats him out, then he may not be the starter after TC. But if they sign Manning, Tebow doesn't even make it to TC as the starter. This helps Tebow's confidence? This makes him feel the organization is fully behind him? I don't. You are ok to not believe any of that and believe what you wish, but that's the way I see things going on right now.
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